Sometimes a tooth is damaged beyond repair and an extraction is the only way to get you out of pain and restore your dental health. We offer two types of extractions at Floss Family Dental – a simple extraction and a surgical extraction.

In simple extractions, the tooth and gums will be numbed (using local anaesthetic) to minimise discomfort, before the tooth is loosened with an instrument called an elevator and extracted.

Teeth that require a surgical extraction are often very badly broken down. In these cases, the tooth and gums will be numbed (using local anaesthetic) and a small incision in your gums made. Depending on the circumstance, bone may need to be removed, or the tooth may need to be cut in half, to allow it to be extracted.

There are some complications and degenerative issues that can be caused by missing teeth, so it is important that you talk to a dentist who can provide you with personalised guidance if an extraction is required. To learn more about this, you can click here, or you can contact our friendly team to organise a consultation at our Wellington Point or Victoria Point practice.