Cosmetic dental treatment can vastly improve the appearance of your teeth and smile! There are now so many wonderful technologies that make cosmetic dentistry more accessible and less invasive than ever before, making them an increasingly popular choice for many patients.

If you are looking to achieve greater confidence in your smile, please talk to your Dentist about the many cosmetic options to see if any of them may be suitable for you.

Whilst there are plenty of fantastic options available, every face is different, and not all cosmetic solutions will suit everyone. At Floss, we would love to work with you to customise a cosmetic solution that is perfect only for you!



Veneers are aesthetic restorations that can improve the size, shape, colour and appearance of teeth.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are the premier solution to replace a missing tooth.



Clean white teeth can provide a strong confidence boost and leave you with a smile you are comfortable with.


Invisalign / Aligners

Clear aligners are virtually invisible alternatives to braces that can straighten your teeth and transform your smile.



Dentures can be used to replace multiple teeth that have been lost.