At our Wellington Point and Victoria Point practices, we offer two options for patients wanting to whiten their teeth.

The first option is in-chair whitening, which produces visible results on the day of your appointment. This solution is fantastic for those wanting results quickly, including in the lead up to special events.

For patients who are looking for a more gradual or subtle approach, we also offer take-home whitening kits. These kits come with take home trays that can be worn for a while each day over a set period of time (for example, 2 weeks). 

Take-home trays can also be used as a “booster” solution to help maintain whitened teeth over time.

We understand that having a whiter, brighter smile can help to improve your confidence, and leave you with a smile you are really happy with. If you are looking to achieve dramatic reductions in teeth stains and discolourations, then teeth whitening may be a great solution for you. 

Please talk to our team today to find out more about the teeth whitening options we can provide at Floss Family Dental.