Crowns are essentially a protective helmet, placed over the top of a tooth to restore its shape, function or appearance.

There are times when a tooth cannot be restored or repaired using a simple filling, and in these cases, a dental crown may be recommended by your dentist. Crowns may be needed to:

  • Restore severely broken down, worn or heavily filled teeth
  • Improve the appearance of irregularly shaped teeth
  • Protect a tooth that is vulnerable to fracture
  • Restore a tooth following root canal treatment

There are many benefits to using a crown to protect your teeth. These include:

  • In heavily decayed or damaged teeth, a crown restores the tooth to its former shape, while holding the remaining tooth together.
  • Crowns also protect teeth from being worn away further, in the case of grinding.
  • Crowns provide a solid biting surface and hold the tooth together, and so are not as prone to fracture as fillings may be.
  • Crowns also protect root canaled teeth, preventing reinfection of the canals by bacteria.
  • Crowning teeth that are at a high risk of cracking, such as heavily filled or root canaled teeth, helps to hold the tooth together, significantly reducing the risk of cracking.
  • Crowns can also improve both the colour and shape of your teeth, especially if the existing tooth had a lot of fillings or was discoloured.

The experienced dentists practicing at Floss Family Dental can help you with a crown that fits beautifully and is precisely colour matched to your other teeth, making sure it blends in and enhances your confidence in your smile.

We are proud to be one of the only dentists in the Redlands to offer same-day crowns for many patients using our amazing in-house technology.